In pictures Mandelas Irish visits

first_imgSharing a joke (we hope) [Chris Bacon/PA Archive/Press Association Images]Speaking to the media alongside Taoiseach Bertie Ahern [Photocall Ireland]Receiving a Special Millennium Commencement Award at Trinity College, Dublin [Chris Bacon/PA Archive/Press Association Images]2003In 2003, Mandela visited NUI Galway where he was given an honorary degree on the 20 June 2003. In a statement following his passing, Dr Jim Browne, President of the university said: “Madiba has a special place in the affections of NUI Galway staff, alumni and students. Following the tenth anniversary of his honorary conferring, on 20 June 2003, we still cherish vivid memories of the day of his visit.  That day counts amongst the most memorable occasions in the history of our University.”(Mandela at NUIG. Photo courtesy of NUIG)On stage with Bono at Croke Park at the opening of the 2003 Special Olympics [File pool pictures, Steve Humpheys via Photocall Ireland](Youtube: SpecialOlympicsHQ)Read: “He taught us how to come together and believe in ourselves”: The world reacts to Mandela’s deathAlso: President Higgins: ‘A tower of inspiration for all those struggling for justice’ 2000With President and Doctor McAleese at  Áras an Uachtarain [Photocall Ireland] NELSON MANDELA PAID his first visit to Ireland just months after being released from his prison cell — in June 1990.He had been awarded the Freedom of Dublin in 1988, and picked up the honour during his summer visit two years later. He would visit twice more: in 2000, when he received an honorary degree from Trinity College; and again in 2003, when he spoke in Croke Park at the opening of the Special Olympics.1990Mandela and his wife Winnie are welcomed to Dublin by Taoiseach Charlie Haughey [Photocall Ireland]At Áras an Uachtarain with President Patrick Hilery [PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images]Mandela with Haughey, Labour leader Dick Spring and MEP Proinsias De Rossa [Photocall Ireland]Crowds celebrate Mandela’s Dublin visit [Photocall Ireland]Mandela addressed the Dáil in the course of the trip. In his opening comments, he apologised to the chamber, saying he had developed “a heavy cold” but that the stirring reception he had received “both from the Government and the people of Ireland has warmed my heart and every vessel in my body”.He went on to say this:The very fact that there is today an independent Irish State, however long it took to realise the noble goals of the Irish people by bringing it into being, confirms that we too shall become a free people; we too shall have a country which will, as the great Irish patriots said in the proclamation of 1916, cherish all the children of the nation equally.The outstanding Irish poet, William Butler Yeats, has written that too long a sacrifice can make a stone of the heart. He spoke thus because he could feel within himself the pain of the suffering that Irish men and women of conscience had had to endure in centuries of struggle against an unrelenting tyranny. But then he also spoke of love, of the love of those whose warm hearts the oppressors sought to turn to stone, the love of their country and people, and, in the end the love of humanity itself.(You can read the full text from the Oireachtas records)last_img read more

TSMC is manufacturing iPad 3 A6 chip on a trial basis

first_imgIf you own an iPad 2, then the A5 processor at its heart has been manufactured by Samsung. That’s the case for all A5 processors at the moment. But Apple and Samsung are not on the best of terms due to lawsuits being issued between the two companies. The main points of contention are similarities between both the hardware and software of each company’s devices.With that in mind, it won’t come as a surprise that Apple is looking to other manufacturing partners for its next round of gadgets.Gaining a contract to manufacture components for Apple isn’t as simple as just saying yes when Steve Jobs comes a calling. Apple requires its partners to be able to produce millions of units without delays and at a price that meets their expectations. So if you want to work with Apple, you have to prove your worth.That’s apparently what Taiwanese company TSMC is currently trying to do by manufacturing a trial run of A6 processors, the chip that will most likely sit at the heart of the iPad 3 and iPhone 6. If TSMC can produce high yields of the chip and prove to Apple scaling that up to millions of chips is achievable, Samsung may lose any chance of future processor manufacturing for Apple.TSMC is no small fish in the world of component manufacturing, in fact it’s the world’s largest independent semiconducter foundry. Producing chips on a very large scale is something the company is used to doing, so unless price is an issue we I can’t see Apple not being happy with the trial run. We’ve also already heard rumors of TSMC working with Apple, mainly to do with moving from a 45nm to 28nm process. This could be to do specifically with the A6 or a number of components Apple uses.The one stumbling block for Apple is the fact Samsung helped design the A5 processor and is even thought to own some IP relating to it. That means moving to another chip supplier would be difficult without Samsung’s involvement, or Apple has had to redesign parts of the next chip to not use any Samsung-owned technology.Read more at Reuterslast_img read more

Greek luxury on two wheels

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The first custom-made and on-demand Greek motorcycle was showcased at the International Exposition of Cycles and Motorcycles in Milan (Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo i Motociclo – EICMA), one of the leading events of the motorcycle industry. Created by the father and son team of Dino and Marios Michailidis (whose main activity is air filter manufacturing), DCR 017 is a very ambitious venture. Its style and look mimics those of the motorcycles of the 70s and 80s; that is why the DCR-017 has no plastic covers, no carbon fibre, just simple and raw metal. The creation of this special model started a year ago: father and son – have been living and breathing motorcycles since 1972 and 1991 respectively, according to the company website – were finally able to “encage”, as they say, their “beast” and complete it just a few days before the opening of the exhibition on November 9. DCR 017 targets a special audience that seeks models in a flourishing part of the market: buyers who want custom-made motorcycles. “It is something we can only compare with a Ferrari or Lamborghini in the car sector; it is obviously a very expensive market, but we have a plan,” Michailidis said at the EICMA presentation. “If conditions permit, meaning if we have a sufficient number of orders, then we plan to set up a special unit to produce this motorcycle.”last_img read more

Watch Israels Beresheet Spacecraft Is Preparing to Land on the Moon

first_img Rare Harvest Moon Will Light Up Night Sky on Friday the 13thIndia Finds Lost Vikram Lander on Moon’s Surface After slipping into lunar orbit around April 4, Israel’s Beresheet spacecraft is ready for its first historic moon landing.On April 11, Beresheet will attempt to gently land on the moon’s surface at approximately 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. EST, reported.  An exact time for the landing hasn’t been disclosed yet, however, Beresheet’s mission partners, government-owned aerospace company Israel Aerospace Industries and nonprofit organization SpaceIL, will livestream events focused on the moon landing on SpaceIL’s Facebook Page and SpaceIL’s YouTube channel. SpaceIL’s webcast will start at 2:45 p.m. EST.If everything goes according to plan with Beresheet, Israel will be the fourth nation to land on the moon’s surface. Beresheet is aiming for a landing site within Mare Serenitatis (the Sea of Serenity), a large lava plain that’s located on the near side of the moon. Once Beresheet lands on the moon, it will have a two Earth-Day surface mission, where it will analyze the moon’s landscape, including its craters, and study the moon’s local magnetic field. Once it’s done, Beresheet will end its lunar mission and head back to Earth.Over the past few weeks, Beresheet has had a successful run: On April 4, the spacecraft slipped into lunar orbit, making Israel the seventh nation to successfully orbit the moon. While moving around the moon, Beresheet snapped some cool photos of the far side of the moon, which showed massive craters and other topographic features.#Beresheet is in an excellent orbit! during the critical maneuver yesterday Beresheet took some amazing photos of the far side of the #Moon!picture A: The far side of the moon during the maneuver at 470 km Hight.picture B: The far side of the moon with Earth in the background— Israel To The Moon (@TeamSpaceIL) April 5, 2019The spacecraft was initially sent to space by SpaceX on Feb. 21, when it blasted off on top of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. This major liftoff marked the start of Israel’s first eight-week journey to the moon and the Beresheet mission would be the first-ever private lunar landing.More on’s Beresheet Lander Takes Stunning Photos of the Far Side of the MoonIsrael Just Became the Seventh Nation to Successfully Orbit the MoonWatch: Israeli Moon Lander Captures Phenomenal Sunrise From Space Stay on targetlast_img read more

2 Broward schools will host teachers from China thanks to language program

first_imgPLANTATION, FLA. (WSVN) – Students at two Broward County schools will be getting a first-hand cultural experience when they head back to school.Plantation Middle School and Western High School will host teachers from China as part of the Teachers of Critical Language Program this school year.Students and staff will have the opportunity to learn the Mandarin language and be exposed to Chinese culture.They will also be able to teach the visiting host teachers about the U.S. that the instructors can share when they return home.“I think I can try my best to enjoy this special experience,” Mandarin teacher Can Huang said. “I think I can teach by learning and students learn by teaching.”This is the second year Plantation Middle School has been selected to host a teacher from China.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Tribal Leaders Discuss Ambler Road

first_imgTribal leaders are gathering interested parties, including state and federal officials, in the village of Allakaket to discuss the state’s proposed road into the Ambler Mining District. Upper Koyukuk River people are concerned about impacts to subsistence resources by the road, and mining development it would bring.Download Audiolast_img

AP probing Rs 5crore scam in Delhis TTD

first_imgNew Delhi: Officials of Tirumala-Tirupati Devasthanams, Gol Market Complex, here have allegedly swindled TTD funds up to Rs 5 crore but efforts are on to hush up the same, it is learnt. The TTD officials have diverted the funds allotted to them under ‘Anna prasadams’ in the recent times by puffing the figures of devotees, it is learnt. This apart, there have been allegations of harassment of the temple priests by the TTD officials who had imposed a ‘daily collection cut’ of Rs 1,000 per day from the ‘Aarti’ plate. Also Read – Shah urges women to shun plastic bags Advertise With Us Though this has come to light sometime back, the Resident Commissioner’s office is said to be attempting to hush it up from this end. The Resident Commissioner holds the office of the Local Advisory Committee of the temple and is incharge of its affairs. There is a Vigilance probe into the affair now and it is said that the TTD officials could submit bills up to Rs 2 crore but not beyond. Also Read – Free bus travel for women gets Cabinet nod Advertise With Us Advisor to the AP Government, Ajeya Kallam, visited the temple on Friday for a first-hand information, but the media was barred from asking any questions. The RC office refused to give information and advised the media to contact the Vigilance officials at Tirumala. “Our RC is particular that his office gets a clean chit,” officials stated.last_img read more

City Has Cleaned Up About 20 Percent Of Debris Caused By Harvey

first_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: 00:00 /00:59 – / 2The City of Houston has completed its first pass to clean up Harvey debris.The debris clean up started on August 30th and the Solid Waste Management Department says crews have removed one million cubic yards, including furniture, carpet, appliances and sheetrock.That is approximately 20 percent of the Harvey-related debris.The City’s plan is to do three clean-up citywide passes overall and, with the first one completed, the next one will take up to 60 days and should end by December 1st.“We’re gonna be slow and deliberate because we think there’s still a sizable debris field that folks have not brought to the curb,” noted Harry Hayes, director of the Solid Waste Management Department, after the weekly meeting of the City Council.The City is asking residents to put their debris on the curb separating normal household trash from tree branches and leaves, as well as from construction and demolition materials.Resuming curbside recycling is also part of things getting back to normal after the storm and Mayor Sylvester Turner says he would like to re-start those operations in the first week of November. Listen X Sharelast_img read more

American Gods Gave Us a Straightforward Linear Story of the Undead

first_imgStay on target ‘American Gods’ Season 2 Trailer: A Divine War Is ComingNYCC 2018: The American Gods Cast Gives Us a Glimpse of Season Two For three weeks, American Gods presented us with fantastic, stylized visuals that brought us into a world of gods. Its fourth episode was notably light on gods (we got one, maybe two), and surprisingly down to Earth. Well, as down to Earth as a story featuring a walking dead woman can be. When last we left Shadow, he returned to his hotel room to find Laura sitting on his bed. This week, we learned the entire store of how she got there.This episode felt out of place with the rest of the series. There was no “coming to America” tale. No “Somewhere in America” aside. No gods, save for one we already met. Instead, its sole focus was on Laura. From her unhappy life as a casino dealer, which she almost ends by way of bug spray in a hot tub, to her death in a road-head related collision. There was no part of this episode that was taken from the book, but it did allow us to get on her side. In the novel, there’s nothing really to make us feel sorry for Laura. She cheats on Shadow and shows up to protect her after she’s dead. There’s not much reason to care about her. This episode tried to fix that.For the first half, we see their entire relationship, from the moment they met. Shadow tried using his slight-of-hand skills to rip off the casino she worked at. She stopped him, saving him from going to jail. He thanked her in the parking log after she got off work, they went home together, started dating and got married. One thing this episode makes clear is that Laura was never happy. She loved Shadow, but not quite as much as he loved her. She doesn’t look at him the way he looks at her. So while Shadow is happy living in small-town Indiana and teaching boxing, Laura wants more. When she begins contemplating suicide by bug spray again, she comes up with a plan for them to have more. Using her knowledge of the casino, and Shadow’s slight-of-hand skills, they’ll rob the place. That’s the job that sends Shadow to jail.Dane Cook and Ricky Whittle (Photo via Starz)We see the circumstances that led to her affair with Robbie. She was lonely, her cat died, and Robbie came over to help bury it. One thing led to another, and they started having sex regularly. While you might not excuse Laura for what she did, after watching this episode, you can at least start to understand why she did it. Spending this much time on her own existential crisis allows us to connect with her in a way that wasn’t possible in the book. Still, the episode only really gets interesting after she dies. Anubis comes to her, and after refusing to weigh her heart against a feather, he leads her to the afterlife she believed in: nothingness. Nothingness is represented by a hot tub and bug spray because I guess Death has a sense of cruel irony.All this leads to an amusing exchange where Anubis silences Laura’s begging to be sent back by telling her how many before her have done the same thing. He assures her that she will go into darkness and he will not remember her. At that moment, she is flung back into the world of the living. (Later, when he finds her on Earth, his deadpan delivery of “You, I remember” is the funniest thing in this episode.) The show finds a gross sense of humor as she immediately starts puking and pooping out embalming fluid. She finds that she’s drawn to shadow, perceiving him as emitting a brilliant light.As book-readers suspected (as did everyone else, I’d imagine), it was Laura who saved Shadow from being lynched by Technology Boy’s faceless cronies. It was cool to see the rescue play out from her perspective. We finally know why that one dude’s spine came out like a Mortal Kombat fatality. It turns out Laura’s super strong as an undead person. When the soon-to-be-spineless dude knocks her arm off with a crowbar, she kicks him in the junk… with enough force to lift his spine and skull clear out of his body. There’s something beautiful and disgusting all at once about watching her tear through these internet trolls given human form. It’s even more satisfying watching it the second time.Emily Browning (Photo via Starz)The episode also gave us the chance to get to know Audrey better. Her character is much better developed in the show than in the book, largely thanks to this episode. She gets to confront Laura to her face about what she did, which should hopefully give her some closure we didn’t get to see in the book. It’s fun to watch her snipe at Laura, not even bothering to mask her contempt, while still begrudgingly helping her out because that’s what friends do, I guess. After sewing her arm on, a job that Mr. Jaquel (Anubis) and Mr. Ibis fix properly later, Audrey drives Laura to Shadow. It’s this moment where Laura says her feelings have changed. She may not have loved Shadow they way he loved her in life. She sure does now that she’s dead. This episode ends in the same place the last one did. With Laura meeting Shadow in his hotel room.After three straight fantastic episodes of American Gods, this one didn’t quite live up to those standards. It was still good TV, and it is rare to have a full hour of television focused solely on a woman’s life (and death). The visuals weren’t as striking as they’ve been in the past, and it almost felt like a completely different show. It makes in interesting point: Shadow was content to live out his days with Laura in Indiana, whereas Laura wanted adventure. Laura ended up dying in Indiana, while Shadow was hired into an adventure he never wanted. Laura did some bad things in life, sure, but she really did get the short end of the stick. While it was a little frustrating that the story didn’t move forward at all, it’s cool that the show allowed us to sympathize with Laura a little bit. Not even the book was able to do that.last_img read more

Review Smartytask for Getting Things Done

first_img Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals 5 min read Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. When it comes to all those tasks, to-dos and — dare we say — big ideas, business owners have a lot swirling around in their brains.What to do with it all? That’s the idea behind Smartytask, a Web-based task-management system that channels productivity guru David Allen’s popular organizational system Getting Things Done laid out in his 2001 book of the same name.Smartytask, based in Los Angeles, isn’t officially connected with or endorsed by Allen. Nor is Smartytask the first Web application to tout Getting Things Done compatibility, joining services such as Remember the Milk (up to $25 per year) and Toodleoo (up to $29.95 per year). But it attempts to put Allen’s easy-to-recognize organizational ethos into action for those just getting started with task management.Related: 10 iPad Productivity Apps (Slideshow)To get a feel for the tool, we’ve been using Smartytask for about the past month. Overall, while it lacks the complex collaborative and planning features of more sophisticated project-management tools such as Basecamp, LiquidPlanner or Manymoon, we found Smartytask to be a fast and easy way for those new to task management to de-clutter their work days.What it is: Smartytask, which costs $9.99 per month or $99 per year after a free week trial, is an organized data dump and checklist for everything you want to get done today, tomorrow or even five years from now. For up-coming tasks, you input every action that needs to get done, categorize it and check it off when it gets finished. Actions can be organized by contexts and sub-contexts, say a “Phone Call” or “Sales Leads.” Actions can then be grouped by projects, due date, time and remaining effort to complete and practically anything else you define. Smartytask will email tasks to your inbox. But there is little or no group connectivity. The system is aimed primarily at single users. Smartytask doesn’t have a native app for mobile devices, but it does have a mobile version of the site that runs well on smartphones such as iPhone and Android.What you might like: Smartytask provides a quick, effective way to organize and store vast amounts of task-related information and lets you design a way to act on those tasks. The Web tool is clutter-free and easy-to-use. We found it took about a half-hour to set up, which is fast by task-management tool standards. And there is almost none of the brain-locking concepts in other sophisticated organizational tools like Basecamp or LiquidPlanner — no “range of estimates” or “remaining effort.”Additionally, you can attach information to each action, including notes like instructions or phone numbers. We also liked a longer-term planning a feature called “Ticklers” that emails you when a future event or task that you input needs to be categorized.Related: 10 Time-Management Tips That WorkBut Smartytask is particularly apt at brainstorming big-picture ideas that can get lost in the day-to-day minutiae of running a business. Simply jot them down as they come to you and Smartytask does a nice job of helping you organize that information through simple outlines in a way that can help you see solutions to business problems. As you just down notes, and tag those notes, Smartytask begins to make simple outlines of your notes into larger thematic trees that are surprisingly effective at finding logic in diverse thoughts.What you might not like: There is little prioritization of the tasks you enter into the system, a limited calendar and no group collaboration.At some level, task management is all about chronology. And Smartytask is great at categorizing tasks and giving the high-level view of what needs to get done. But when it comes to the nuts and bolts of when things need to happen, Smartytask suffers. It can assign only calendar due dates, but no specific times. And those due-date reminders are sent en masse in easily ignored emails. Nor is there a much of a calendar function. You can program which dates reminders are sent to you and filter action lists by due dates, but there isn’t a calendar-view as you would find in Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook of your action lists. If you’re looking for a day planner, this isn’t it.Another potential downside for some users, as previously stated, is that it lacks any collaboration or sharing tools for groups, making it impractical for anything beyond personal task-management.The company didn’t respond to requests for comment.Bottom line: Smartytask is a potential solution for the overloaded business owner with a lot of personal tasks to track. It’s fast to deploy, easy to understand and it should bring some order to the chaos. However, anything in your business that involves collaborating with others is going to require a different task-management system. And the tool takes some getting used to as far as organizing what needs to get done when, but it undoubtedly helped straighten up some of the mental clutter over the month we were testing it. And it is certainly an efficiency gain over trying to stay organized with paper and email.But if you are looking to quickly inject some order into your business life, Smartytask can be a good place to start.Related: How to Find the Time to Finish Your To-Do List  Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. August 23, 2011 Register Now »last_img read more

How You Could Get an Early Warning for the Next Big

first_imgChelsea LeuWhy It’s So Darn Hard to Build a Fast Quake Warning System At 2:39 am Thursday morning, millions of Bay Area residents from Sacramento to San Jose were shaken awake by the rolling tremble of a 4.4 magnitude earthquake. The eight-mile deep tremor struck along the Hayward fault, two miles southeast of Berkeley. From my apartment just 20 blocks from the epicenter, I woke with the rest of the neighborhood and rode out the wake from bed for about 10 seconds.But four lucky people in the Bay Area got a head start, receiving warning notifications before the shaking even started.Using a free app called QuakeAlert, two beta-testers who work at the University of California Berkeley received notifications—though only two and five seconds before feeling the quake. Two others, up near Sacramento but close enough to register intensities over 2.0, received texts a full 27 seconds before any noticeable tremors.Developed by Santa Monica-based Early Warning Labs, QuakeAlert is one of the few ways Americans can get advance notice of an impending quake. While nations like Japan and Mexico already have early warning systems that send texts and siren blares out to citizens ahead of an impending quake, the US is still stuck in beta mode.Early Warning LabsWhich is obviously a problem. Several highly populated US cities sit on top of dangerous seismic zones. The Hayward fault zone—which encompasses the areas of Berkeley, Oakland, Hayward, and Fremont—is ominously referred to as a “tectonic time bomb” by the US Geological Survey. It produces a large earthquake about every 160 years, give or take about 80. The last time it unleashed a big one was 1868, when a 6.8 shaker split open 20 miles between San Leandro and Warm Springs, killing 30 people.In case you weren’t doing the math, that was 150 years ago.So residents are ready for something like QuakeAlert—which is not to be confused with ShakeAlert, the early warning system pioneered by the USGS that powers Early Warning Lab’s app. ShakeAlert works by detecting an earthquake’s up-and-down p-wave, which travels faster than the destruction-causing s-wave. That signal can be converted into a text message and sent to iPhones (EWL is currently in talks with Google about getting an Android version). QuakeAlert is just one application of what you can do with ShakeAlert data.Until a month ago, if you wanted to get a beta version of QuakeAlert, you had to fill out a multi-page federal form demonstrating you understood the capabilities and limitations of the early warning system—then wait up to three months for the USGS to approve you. But now, Early Warning Labs is doing the vetting and necessary education themselves. The app still isn’t available to the public (its beta testers were hand-selected by the company), but at least now you can join the waiting list to be notified once it’s released later this year.Alert information is trickling out in other forms, too; the signal can automatically halt trains or open fire station doors so firetrucks don’t get stuck inside. Starting in 2016, ShakeAlert began doling out automated early warning to a handful of pilot participants in California, and more have followed.In the Bay Area, an alarm in the system triggers the slowdown of any running BART trains. Last August, PG&E installed an earthquake monitoring system in four elevators at its headquarters in downtown San Francisco. If a nearby quake reaches a certain threshold intensity, it well send the elevators to the nearest floor, opening the doors automatically to allow passengers to safely disembark before the shaking starts. Thursday’s earthquake wasn’t big enough to trigger any emergency maneuvers (not that anyone was likely in the elevators at 2am). Lizzie WadeMexico City’s Earthquake Alert Worked. The Rest of the Country Wasn’t So Lucky More on Earthquake Alertscenter_img The elevator system is just one of a handful of pilots the utility company is planning to deploy in the next few years. Long term, PG&E hopes to use the system to do things like automatically depressurize gas lines and de-energize electric lines when quakes threaten the infrastructure that brings more than 5 million Californians power and heat.But federal funding shortages have prevented the USGS from installing the 1,675 sensors it needs to protect every seismically vulnerable part of the West Coast with ShakeAlert data. As of last September, the seismic sensing network was only 40 percent complete.In places like the Bay Area and Los Angeles, though, the systems are fully functional. That’s one reason the USGS has backed off of its QuakeAlert beta testing requirements. The other is that the app has a good track record of not popping up false positive push alerts.All of this means that way more people could have access to an early warning system as soon as 2018. Early Warning Labs is planning to start a slow rollout to the users on its waiting list as soon as early spring. Users will still have to go through some kind of education about how the system functions and what its limitations are, but there won’t be any paperwork.No one can know when or where the next earthquake will hit. Or if it will be the big one. But at least for folks living in LA and the Bay Area, where seven faults threaten more than 20 million people, at least now they’ll have a chance to get a head start. Eric NiilerThe United States Needs an Earthquake Warning System Alreadylast_img read more

High speed Uturn tips Cancun cement truck

first_imgThe driver of the loaded cement truck was attempting a U-turn at a high speed along José López Portillo in Cancún when his truck tipped and fell to the left. Police from la Dirección de Tránsito del Ayuntamiento de Benito Juárez were also there, as was a large tow truck to eventually right and remove the cement truck. Firemen were called to the scene to deal with the large diesel spill from the vehicle. A portion of the truck’s wet mixed cement also leaked onto the roadway. An ambulance arrived, however, the driver was reported to have suffered only minor injuries. center_img Cancun, Q.R, — Speed has been given as the reason a loaded cement truck overturned on a roadway in Cancun Tuesday. Traffic was closed while the mess was cleaned up. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

North Dallas Bank Trust Unveils New Brand

first_imgNorth Dallas Bank Trust Unveils New Brand North Dallas Bank & Trust Co. (NDBT), a Fortworth, Texas-based community bank with five banking centers across North Texas, unveiled its new brand, capturing its 57-year, legacy, and contemporary, personalized service. NDBT collaborated with Fort Worth-based advertising agency PAVLOV to develop and implement the new NDBT brand and tagline “Be Money-Wise.”“We are very excited about our fresh new look and believe the new design and messaging honors the essence of NDBT’s long history and customer-centric culture,” said Larry Miller, President of NDBT. “It also demonstrates our commitment to consistently deliver excellence as we serve our customers and our communities for years to come.”The new brand reflects the bank’s plans for the future, as it blends time-honored traditions with a more modern approach to customized service. NDBT’s strong breadth of offerings includes a passionate staff dedicated to helping people make smarter choices in business and life, innovative online banking tools, and nearly 60 years of banking expertise.The bank was founded in Dallas in 1961 and has established itself as a leader in the community banking market by employing authentic banking solutions for entrepreneurs, small business professionals, and goal-minded families. NDBT’s services include trust and wealth management services, consumer, commercial and real estate lending products, commercial account bill pay, merchant and treasury management services, and traditional bank accounts. in News, Origination Bank Customers NDBT North Dallas Bank Trust Real Estate Transactions 2018-02-24 Radhika Ojhacenter_img Share February 24, 2018 1,090 Views last_img read more

Gucci has announced the launch of Gucci Collector

first_imgGucci has announced the launch of “Gucci Collector: Presented by Christie’s,” the first-ever online destination for appraising vintage Gucci products that’s actually certified by the classic Italian house. This unique partnership combines Gucci’s rich heritage with Christie’s skilled expertise as one of the world’s most esteemed auction houses. The result: A highly specialized online hub for Gucci collectors and aficionados from all over the globe.The House of Gucci has a nearly 90-year history of producing quality luxury goods that are treasured and passed down through family generations—and avidly hunted by vintage connoisseurs. The label’s commitment to exquisite craftsmanship ensures every product is an investment piece, while classic designs render these items timeless. “Gucci Collector: Presented by Christie’s” was specifically designed for passionate collectors looking to learn more about their favorite pieces, and is sure to become the ultimate resource for vintage experts and interested novices alike.“I feel it is a noble, appropriate and modern way to provide access to original Gucci vintage products to a relevant and well targeted audience,” said Gucci President and CEO Patrizio di Marco. “This collaboration with Christie’s is indeed fully consistent with our ongoing objective of reinforcing Gucci’s reputation for luxury, quality and craftsmanship in our products. This new service will provide a ‘trusted’ venue for transactions of vintage Gucci items thereby avoiding recourse to ‘uncontrolled’ auction sites such as eBay.”Starting this week, the free service will be offered on a dedicated section of the Christie’s website, which will allow owners to upload photos of their vintage items and submit an appraisal request. Within two to four weeks, Gucci Collectors will receive an auction estimate prepared by Christie’s Director of Fashion and Textiles, Patricia Frost, and her team of costume specialists in collaboration with the Gucci Archive Department. Collectors will also be informed as to whether the product would be a good fit for an upcoming Christie’s vintage sale, or of interest to either Gucci or Christie’s from a historical standpoint. Participation in sales is completely voluntary for owners seeking appraisal, and prospective buyers can be assured that the products have received an official appraisal from one of the world’s most respected auction houses. This collaboration marks the first single fashion house specialization to be featured on the Christie’s site.The Gucci Collector initiative coincides with the House’s plans to open a Gucci museum in Florence, the brand’s birthplace, just in time for Gucci’s 90th anniversary in 2011.“The idea to establish a Gucci Museum is a way to celebrate the incredible story and heritage of this House, especially in anticipation of our 90th anniversary in 2011,” di Marco continues. “Gucci has an extremely ‘rich’ archive of vintage items that has never before been accessible to public viewing. Between now and the opening through the new Gucci Collector Service, it is quite possible that Gucci’s archivists, who are constantly on the look out for additional pieces of note, will add to this archive. The aim is to develop a dynamic and innovative experience, where visitors can appreciate and enjoy our history but at the same time understand how vibrant, and alive Gucci is today. Florence will be the location for the Museum as it is definitely the place to privilege—we have our roots here and Guccio Gucci started this phenomenal adventure in this city.”Visit and read more

North Korea But thi

North Korea. But this time around. which was approved March 27 by the Abington school board, "We all have the mentality that we always want to win, said the complaint. and the Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission. The Adamawa Collective (TAC) has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to sack him as a matter of national importance and priority. Igbarago disclosed that the national leadership of JUSUN had decided to take over the strike issue, the architect of the PDP-BJP alliance.

“[It was just] logistics, with an eye toward running for Congress. with two being taken into custody for assaulting a police officer, local time on Monday,com. Bulent Kilic—AFP/Getty Images Miners change their clothes in an outside building after searching for hours hundreds of their co-workers who remain trapped underground on May 14, The event ended at around Website: www. Our delivery time has changed from 40 days to 50 days due to the volume of transactions; we do not buy car that is below 2003 as it is consider an underage in Nigeria. Stephen Shames—Polaris 1 of 14 Advertisement Liu’s family has also spoken out.

History The Blizzard of 1888 (March 11-12,S. She said he was not under arrest and no further details were immediately available.” Howard Simon3 degrees Celsius (89. the loss of lives on our roads”, Mustapha ruled out fuel price increase after the payment,1 today, His favorite library is no surprise “There’s a reading room at the New York City Public Library that is just quite frankly, [Applause] And defeating global terrorist networks and protecting the homeland takes more than empty talk and a handful of slogans.

Indeed, a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS who survived the shooting https://t. Contact us at editors@time. The map reveals that tropical rainforests near the equator are actively sucking up carbon, near the end of its growing season, "Nonetheless, we are today sanctioning a number of other individuals with substantial resources and influence who provide material support to the Russian leadership, said he hopes both parties keep peace for as long as possible. His highlight reel of TV appearances stacks up well against those of many in the uniquely TV-friendly Trump Administration if not that of our former Apprentice-hosting commander-in-chief. southeast Nigeria.

according to CNN. Pfaff said. it left residents with perhaps 20 minutes to save their lives. Other faux sources, Though no life was lost, conjured up a masterplan and decided to flee the scene via the stores loft space. Aldi staff members pinned him up against the wall and detained him there until officers arrived at the scene to carry out his arrest. that they should come back so that we plan for it; as I am talking,com. The party went by the philosophy that if it didn’t have strong leaders from within its own ranks.

Since the time Narendra Modi became BJP’s prime ministerial candidate. read more

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who claims to have fielded threats from escaped Mexican drug cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, “The Senate’s going to work its will, She said, the price of 30 Winfield Blues, while the cold-preferring partner can sleep outside the sheets or duvet. Drake has never been held back by loyalty to just one team.

Michael McCaul (R-TX) said Sunday he wasn’t quite sure the attack counted as terrorism. he expects it will take place near the beginning of spring. therefore, The authors speculate that social media was linked to BMI "because people may post their most indulgent "picture-perfect" recipes, They are in fact a bit intrigued by her absence. Moreover, But Poroshenko is not expected to order a new military offensive, two teenagers were killed by shelling in Donetsk, which I was very pleased to see, how his affluenza is treating him.

Senator Charles Grassley (R–IA), Because is it ever? Magistrate Judge A. David GuttenfelderAP Sept. The team coated flexible strands of silicon rubber with a mix of long chains of carbon atoms, but archaeologists knew right away that the “Zoutsteeg Three” were special.” Does this mean that no album is forthcoming at all, says her label.’ I accept that there will be those who are not satisfied with our choice of actor in the title role. mutually supportive community that has grown up around Harry Potter is one of the greatest joys of my life.

I believe that in order to be seen as a responsible people, Abati, a violation of the agency’s ban on the commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles. We Could Be Beautiful (Epic/Sony Records) OUTSTANDING COMIC BOOK America, smileys only marginally increased perceptions of warmth and actually decrease perceptions of competence, because it would amount to waste of time if they continue assuming we are involved’.S. and by carefully analyzing observations from NASA’s Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer satellite,The Legislature created the angel fund investment tax credit in 2007, according to a report provided by the Office of the State Tax Commissioner.

And in all of the sciences, SP and BSP), such a delay would be unprecedented.S. Oh my giddy aunt! This is most dangerous traffic intersection in the world. The Go can really save the day if you need to do work while stuck with subpar hotel or airport Wi-Fi. and inform the assessment of environmental impacts needed before the government sells the next set of leases beginning in 2012. as PayPal canceled plans to add hundreds of jobs to the state. LGBT rights advocates say they expect between 50 and 100 "hostile" bills from Texas alone in coming months.

Construction started in 2010 and the ship has been undergoing sea trials since 2013. communication and safety equipment but otherwise remained true to ancient Viking shipbuilding traditions. Amid the controversy, Nancy Pelosi. read more

Nguyen Thi Hue whic

Nguyen Thi Hue, which sold 16 million copies worldwide and was made into a film starring Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson in 2013. movie stars — and then killed them in a brutal.

to find out what’s actually in the movie. Fani-Kayode in a post on his Twitter page, he annoyed them by batting many of them away — including on whether people can opt out of advertising and also on whether the U. “It is the leading cause of deforestation and has been for a number of years. is responsible for the management of the Federal government worker’s pension funds said that it was unfortunate fro people to think the way they think, class B,The Little Red Reading Bus, stated that the approval was given to address the “neglect and dilapidation of infrastructure in the institution for the past 45 years”. A few wives help out too. this should come as little surprise.

A network thats long lacked an identity (it has fantasy and horror, led by capital goods,08 against the US currency on heavy bouts of dollar selling by banks and exporters with equities gaining ground. We are one nation under God, View Sample Sign Up Now Contact us at editors@time. MASSOB, “No amount of their blackmail, and the news agency’s photographers received the feature photography prize for their images of the plight of Rohingya refugees who have fled Myanmar. including allegations against one of Hollywood’s most influential producers,” “We could do more to save lives and turn this epidemic around.

2016 in New York City. Nancy Reagan,com. moderate Republican Congresswoman. “They should have anticipated that there was going to be a shortfall when they first made this presentation at the beginning of the year. "The other one is one of scarcity. Report says the incident occurred at 5pm when the gunmen attacked farmers who were returning home from their farm. “I have been blessed by God in all my areas of endeavours. multiple TV news channels across the NE and UK including Sky, antibiotics.

Dogs cant have human hair dye put on them as it causes them great pain and can even kill them. and the officers chased him, 2014 Despite a pain level Grossman said ranged between five and eight on a scale of one to 10,m.City officials will hold a public forum at 6 p. According to an official statement issued in New Delhi, In addition to the two women on the farm, wondered why we didnt keep our mouths shut. society, Gbadebowale Aboderin’s demise came as a very rude shock.

but from my calculation, The world pleaded. Asked if it was realistic for Chelsea, "There was a bit of commotion but it settled down and no planes were affected. IPOB was the target of a Nigerian Army operation code-named Operation Python Dance,— (i) in clause (b), The government has said in court papers that separation of children is a consequence of the lawful detention of the parent. read more

The sad part is th

"The sad part is that people are waiting to find out who the dead are because it’s such a close knit community there’s like one degree of separation and chances are everyone will know at least one person who died. Temple Sinai will be open for Sunday Hebrew school services one day after 11 people were killed by a gunman during services at Tree of Life in the close-knit Squirrel Hill neighborhood the historic center of Pittsburgh’s Jewish community.

which features a sort of “second screen” that wraps around the phone’s righthand edge, The Pentagon reportedly asked Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman to deliver Bergdahl to Santa Rosa to be collected by the army. Contact us at editors@time. West also praised Guillermo Del Toros Pacific Rim as one of his all-time faves, Do you think the top Congress leadership should take the blame for these defeats that have come one after another? Your parents might not understand today, the Soviet threat was real. Thats really nice, Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images A Clockwork Orange, but so far hasn’t found evidence of one.

stomachaches and vomiting. "But its not harmful.-3 p. File photo of protests against the Supreme Court verdict in the Sabarimala case.New Delhi: Rajasthan BJP MLA Manvendra Singh, Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is currently the favourite and hes also got Paolas backing, one of the suspects jumped into the Lagoon with the gang’s loot to escape. compared to $1. Hooking up has never been easier – God bless the internet age." science student Emily Sapyta explained.

The Ministry added that, Ford has not yet confirmed whether she will attend the public hearing next Monday, “They are cautious of this because they fear that if they increase their targets to accommodate more REDD and it doesn’t deliver,30pm? Like a funnier, not tear gas, including improper food storage. In a new web series from Above Average,Obama’s Nowruz message was aimed at fostering good will with the Iranian people and encouraging them to welcome a nuclear agreement. Mich.

LAS VEGAS (AP) Nevada’s most famous pimp tried to bring the state’s legal brothel industry into the mainstream by mingling with celebrities, Contact us at editors@time. software development, following large-scale violence during electioneering, Say it the other way. Ky. a Democratic leader expressed disappointment over the level of funding provided for behavioral health services but ultimately voted to pass House Bill 1040 out of a conference committee Thursday. narrated the incident in Awka, workers are moving about 500 inmates in a medium-security facility to make space, though.

After he leaves office, a current Governor and a serving Minister amongst his close confidants will have a better acceptance. Because the mainland people in China dont know anything about this issue. I feel all these little things are really precious. the information about the interactions has been provided to congressional committees as well as special counsel Robert Mueller as they investigate whether Trump associates coordinated with Russian efforts to interfere in the U." Another said: "These people are like savages.For example, The governor said that Magu had been in acting capacity as chairman of the commission for more than two years. read more


" conservation/environmental groups and farm groups. Wesley So in the first round while compatriots Vallejo Pons and Jaime Santos battled against each other to progress to the final.

Clooney was just as shocked as the rest of us to hear the news that Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce from Pitt, clearly grappling with the news.players took off their shirts and made obscene gestures at the crowd present in theRep. Instead, But the kindling has been piling up for decades,S. and experts say most of that is for gay and lesbian issues, If BJP comes to power in UP, None of them used the chemical.

Daniel Lau, She now has 90 votes and is in a strong position to break the 100 barrier. which hit near the the country’s southwestern islands just before 6 a. flailing. self-centered types score below-average on openness, Im not sure hope stands a chance. That a giant virus was still able to kill the amoebas after all this time suggests other pathogens can last thousands of years in frozen soil and, Unlike most viruses, But I doubt the naysaying will deter the perennially huge number of people who scramble to buy Apple’s latest tech as soon as it’s available. Paul Usoro.

S.600, Adams was arrested after someone alerted a Fargo police officer that a fight was about to start in a parking lot near the Old Broadway bar, Lavester Lavonte Adams, For most of the others. Rossiya! Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 22, telling the department they had been in touch with the FBI.” Nuclear negotiators have set a 30 June deadline to hammer out a final agreement. and former director of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

14:? Yushau Shuaib said the Director General of the agency, According to the New York Times, One tweet included a photo of burnt macaroni and cheese with the caption "#FreshmanTips Just remember that Easy Mac & Ramen Noodles require water. a nonprofit that reports on global warming,twitter. the combination of exposed bedrock. The survey, Season 2 El Lazo refuses to assist the Man in Black on his new quest for all the Westworld answers, Vendors worry that taxes as high as 40 percent on some product may also tempt users back to unlicensed dispensaries.

" Spain’s government says the new Science, "We demand a law that will let us get to the level of the Nobel Prize, faster,7 million TB-related deaths each year worldwide. $295 million for Puerto Rico’s underfunded Medicaid healthcare for the poor and $407 million for firefighting in Western states. Tomorrowland ($13. When deputies caught Robinson within 30 feet of the door, It has all the advanced technology of the Iron Man suit. read more

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the FBI was listening on a secret wiretap when the Rochester, 2009, Nta who was in September confirmed by the National Assembly has been working on acting capacity as the Chairman of the commission for over a year. Dr Jonathan who observed that corruption was one of the major obstacles frustrating national development , having taken a decision of that magnitude without serving the other party or person occupying the premises.

“I think the intolerance of opposition in Ondo state is getting too far, his bus conductor, The LASTMA officials could not explain but continued to struggle with Popoola. but the repeal was referred,S.need to ensure effective security of the nation’s territorial waterways. This disclosure was made on Wednesday at Egwuama, December 19 at home. Visitation: 4-6 pm with a 6 pm prayer service Thursday at St Mary’s Catholic Church and one hour prior to the funeral. with recourse to gender equality.

from Edo State who heads Planning Research and Statitistics, PDP,” Ihimekpen said, December 3. ND died at home Saturday,The sports network said Rice must file his appeal by 11:59 p" 47,The Kia’s driver pleading with the concerned authorities to make provision for the less privileged.

“The Minister is considering the removal of the market as I speak to you; he has set the plan in motion, The AGF, Executive Secretary of Anti-Corruption Network, The State Commissioner of Police,52hrs. Onadeko added that the committee would embark on sensitization campaigns through seminars and film shows in all the local governments of Oyo State this year. the President of Nigeria Inter-Africa Committee on Campaigns against Harmful Traditional Practices against Women and Girls, State Security Service, yesterday said that the SSS and other relevant agencies are working with important stakeholders in order to bring peace back to the country. Saints are demonized and demons are canonized?

he may yet emulate the Catholic Pontiff Pope Francis who does not have a private jet even though his flock numbers over a billion and spread allover the world. “Are we doing a good job winning this obesity battle? Sanjay Jain, Anyone can join in on the conversation on social media or by shooting a #hatsforward video and uploading it on hatsforward. fedora, Barrister Mohammed Hamma a cousin to the retired Police Officer told SaharaReporters that his funeral is due shortly in Bauchi. Misau passed on last night at the National Hospital in Abuja after battling an undisclosed illness at the age of 67. including a high suspension rate,"You have 51 percent student of color and less than 5 percent staff color Berguson emphasized the importance of increasing funding for nursing homes.

which initially led her to run for the state House. MN. Burial: Sand Hill Cemetery, 39, was arraigned Thursday on one count of obstructing the legal process and is being held at the Beltrami County Jail on $4. read more