The role of the chain and how to do the chain

in the practical work is mainly to determine the quality of wheat new Links through the following aspects: 1, Links page pr. Correlation between the 2, Links website with their own website. This is a very important search engine, if your website is a cosmetics website, while the other site is a site of heavy machinery, so the effect is not very good. Number 3, Links page links. If you do too much Links, the effect will inevitably decline. Update 4, Links page. If the Links page content often update, search engines often to grab this page, then the effect is better. If it is a separate Links page, not what content updates, the effect will be relatively poor. 5, web page snapshot date. The snapshot date reflects other website weight and update rate, the better the more the new snapshot date. 6, Links site Alexa ranking, included, the chain number etc.. > read more

What is the core of the Shanghai Dragon


Shanghai dragon friends will hear a lot about Shanghai Longfeng operation method is correct while also difficult to tell which method, which is wrong.

"to live is to do something meaningful, do something meaningful is a good living." This is the "shock troops" in XuSanDuo think the meaning of life.

if this is the case, Meng Zeyu recommended, with the theory of value type Shanghai dragon "to judge: if I were a user, whether the operation is of great value to me? If there is value, then the operation can be executed; if no value is to abandon this practice. read more

The Shanghai dragon is the focus of optimization ranking or brand sales

this is the first key right Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy, in fact, get good rankings, in order to make the website to help more users, in fact is to let the website light emitted to the needs of each user on the heart, this is a kind of love feelings, so we do in the optimization of time Shanghai dragon no matter where, ranking, in which place, must maintain a good user experience, let users to our website, you can immediately feel everywhere for help, and this kind of experience, need from many of the details can be achieved! read more

The noble baby to create the perfect custom search site search engine


version of choice: of course select "Standard Edition: free, but need to display ads on the results page."

1, landed aristocracy baby custom search, select new search engine.



3, select or custom style. Here each style you can choose, select in the "try your search engine" can be displayed in the immediate result. Select and click next.

The three step to apply for

2, enter your search engine settings page, follow the steps below.

, a noble baby Custom Search Account read more

How to serve the website search engine search engine service is for their own services.

service search engine search engine, search engine can be said to be currently all Internet applications in one of the highest technical content, although its application form is very simple: the user input keywords, the search engine returns the search results. But to count households billion to provide accurate search results, which contains the technology very much. In general, the wooden Shanghai dragon believes the search engine technology can be said to be the hope of achieving the goal: bigger, faster and more accurate. read more

The nternet business dividend loss, the enterprise T business in the spring to comeSeveral models

game making money, basically, the above four models, of course, there are other, here are not enumerated, >

"spring" – this is not just a spring in the sense of meteorology, but also the spring of an enterprise IT start-up company. Titanium media from the following four aspects, including market size, national policy, technology and industrial development trends, for the industry’s spring notes.

Wangzhuan, born with the Internet, of every hue Wangzhuan is everywhere, but playing the game is more interesting, more play head to do Wangzhuan! Station, not SEO, as long as you are familiar with the operation and play a game, you can. This is fulfilled: one side of the Internet, while playing the game, while making money, three do not mistake ah. Play games to make money, what are the points? Here summarizes a few points, welcome to testify, read more

ncluded the normal old site suddenly stops included causes and Solutions

3, check the page, if the spider, and your robots is the same as before no major changes, entrance structure and page are not what a big change, it must be on the page. The article page, you need to consider the quality of their articles, is not collected too much? Is not the original article is not enough and so on, and to check their articles are collected over others (which many people have the habit of checking), the collection by others too much, if you the weight less than acquisition of your article website, maybe you will make you seem to love Shanghai station is the collection station, especially when your article is different when the frequent acquisition station for the other; page, you have to look at is not in > read more

On the website of the big three Title mportance

method Keywords <

website keyword selection and writing directly affect the site’s ranking, so we need to analyze the website keywords in the website before, do not think it is a good choice of the moment, and later found the website keywords did not bring much traffic or profits immediately changed, it is not friendly to search engines, so set before to be earnest in earnest, calligraphy methods such as < meta name= "Keywords" content= "1 words, 2 words, 3 words" /> here it is necessary to pay attention to key words and keywords with English (half) the comma. The target keywords do not set too much, found that many sites have set up a dozen of these are the page weight > read more

Love Shanghai recent changes and changes in the layout algorithm to enhance the user experience

just experienced the search engine wars love Shanghai, also need to enhance their quality of search results to promote the love of Shanghai’s image in the majority of Internet users, user experience no matter what search engines are equally important, good user experience is to provide high quality information users need most in the first this is the time, search engines should do, only in this way the user will need next time remember this search engine, or only a result, may never lose the users, for users with which search engines are the same, mainly with their use of a cool. You can find what you want, and in fact, to the store to buy things, if you trust this store, spend more money will feel It is the value of your users the goods to his advantage. read more

On 2011, four categories of the most stable high quality chain

Witkey websites, most people know, but don’t know how to send the chain, do not know how to send a link, but also do not think the effect is how. Maybe a lot of people in search of many key can see Witkey website information, we can imagine the Witkey website what is the situation in Shanghai dragon. At the same time, the search engine on the Witkey website included crawling is also very frequent, generally can reach a few minutes included, so the chain effect of these sites is very good, because the current is very few people here know outside the chain, and the effect is not absolutely than classification information the net difference. Take zhubajie贵族宝贝, on this site you can in one day send 10 effective and it can be said that the chain will not be deleted, if even a week will be able to reach nearly 100. " read more

Shanghai dragon in the optimization process we should understand what the basic details

third description information website. The description text is actually the extension and supplement for the website title and description for search engines is given Shanghai dragon Er more space to play, as far as possible to stand in the search engine of website theme and can cover the relevant information provided by the user of the organic one, we know that the title can only write about 30 Chinese characters 60 characters, which can describe the expansion will nearly double Shanghai dragon Er give us more space to play, natural and reasonable, the user experience is the key to our concern. read more

Shanghai Longfeng do need to start from what

Shanghai Longfeng optimization also has a period of time, there are always some Adsense asked me why my website ranking is couldn’t get on, what a fast shortcut? I want to tell you is that this is not what to do in Shanghai dragon industry shortcut, mainly to see the Shanghai dragon Er personnel it is the innovation mentality, mindset and strong execution. In Shanghai dragon in this industry is often the case, some keywords can quickly get good rankings, some keywords for several months or even a year did not get the desired ranking, or even what improvement, so many people choose to have the same industry. I want to say is, if you choose this industry and do not give up, if well done easily do not call Shanghai Longfeng, unless the search engine is home to open. So don’t worry about the keyword ranking float, because the search engine in constantly improve themselves, adjust the algorithm! read more

Shanghai dragon auxiliary artifact in Sohu since 100% successful secret media

has been engaged in the work of Shanghai dragon to transition the cock is easier said than done, fools have fortune met an elegant, boring blog when found in a very attractive blog, that is Cen Huiyu, after the exchange found that people can talk about anything, never hide, tell him about me the situation, he told me to get from the media, first built a blog, named Zhangqiu Shiji peak Shanghai Longfeng blog, operating for a long time and no traffic, then ask old Cen, he said you rely on this station traffic is in vain, to enter several media platform. read more

The correlation of how to make a website

content, after our website theme, the content is based on the theme of the central axis of the. For example, A5 is the webmaster nets, then all around the station to start, there are news, interviews, webmaster webmaster webmaster experience, marketing experience, the owners need the domain name, space, construction, promotion means, Shanghai Dragon Technology and so on. The correlation between these directions can be said to be very well established. If a web site to a human body, these large column is the skeleton of the body. Next we have to do, is to hematopoiesis, in the skeleton flesh. The specific content of these columns is our flesh and blood. read more

SS why we must study keywords

third, reduce the difficulty of optimization

find your website, and there is a certain amount of search keywords, don’t rush out of the most popular keywords, search for large amount of target keywords. For example: "lose weight", "pneumatic components such as the search volume is very large, and very competitive keywords. For our small and medium enterprises or individual stationmaster, these keywords do the top is very difficult. If there are 10 bidding advertising has front, even spell broken scalp up to do, is not what meaning. So we should choose those search volume keywords can also, but the competition is relatively small, so the website optimization is likely to have a good effect in a certain period and budget. read more

Sina blog page not included reasons

Sina blog, was opened in four years ago, began to record some of the little drops of life, then as a result of the need, some began to reprint the website construction, network promotion and other related professional articles, have their own independent blog, and reproduced some articles related to the site of the Shanghai dragon. But after a long period of time, home suddenly not loved Shanghai included, thought is to adjust the layout of the content of the page, add a link to the station, after a period of time you will return. Until now the home did not restore included, must have other reasons. read more

Shanghai dragon er you are still superstitious love Shanghai BR

from the above several groups of the site can be seen, the weight of love Shanghai love and webmaster network algorithm is not the same. Love is not to discredit the station or station network standard here is not good. Just want to take note: love Shanghai weight value lack of unified standards, will give the webmaster to judge the quality of your website to bring no small confusion. Specific performance in:



PR is a Google as everyone knows, hyperlink analysis technology patent. The weight but love the value of Shanghai’s so-called BR is not love their own products in Shanghai. Is the third party website invented. Which is a typical representative of the webmaster tools (www.chinaz贵族宝贝) and love station network (www.aizhan贵族宝贝) method can make nothing of it. But the observation, the BR value of a website and the website from Shanghai seems to love to get traffic, has a lot of Web site keywords ranking number and ranking, keyword search volume, quantity, the chain of the site of the chain website BR value etc.. read more

Shanghai dragon Er to enhance skills


must understand some of the basic algorithm of search engine. The search engine is vital algorithm, so they will not disclose any algorithm to the outside world. Even if there is love Shanghai official guide, Google Official Guide to what, it is only as a reference, of course, these parameters in

The establishment of the

continued to accumulate resources and connections. This should all understand, friends of the way to go. Shanghai Dragon technology is constantly updated, so the accumulation of certain connections, is very good for your ascension, to share the latest technology for the first time. There is resources, development of Shanghai dragon is more and more bottleneck, up to now, the fight is the resources, such as forums, blogs, classification of information, the accumulation of the chain resources rich, want to get the ranking is relatively easy. read more

Taobao search marketing industry attention by Shanghai Dragon

It is reported that The

as the name suggests, for love Shanghai, Google and other search engine Taobao traditional Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon Taobao site search based on the rules of optimization, only affect users of Taobao. The current practice is based on Taobao Shanghai Longfeng collation Taobao search, considering Taobao down the right audience shielding, personalized search keywords, and other factors, for baby shelf time optimization and other aspects, to achieve in the user search results obtained in the front position, increase the click rate and sales of baby. As the traditional concept of Shanghai dragon began to emphasize the overall optimization of the site and the whole network of Shanghai dragon, Taobao Shanghai dragon also can not simply stand out, and must be with the store operations, promotion, optimization, shop shop service of the whole store operation optimization, to achieve the maximum effect. At the same time, Taobao and Taobao to build Shanghai dragon explosion models are closely linked, is a single product marketing strategy in one of the indispensable link. read more

Shanghai dragon knot Bureau evildoer art and rotten heart pain


passion can burn one’s morale, good enthusiasm, can let a person unbeaten trend, website is more so, to suffer frequent failure, no ranking, the ranking after a few days and lost ranking, ranking attacked host, ranking and loss of downtime, site weight two or three, the income did not imagine so good, so the phenomenon of dilemma. How to do, but also have what way? Only hardcore chant, but also what enthusiasm are power up life supporting it, still need to be strong.

industry overall situation, many hope, a line is just ambitious and want to do well, frustration and shiyuki, group group. Therefore, the abandoned, is expected to the less, the non industry fall, Shanghai dragon is the root that Jane heart tired. Shanghai Yong Rong Longfeng industry for so many years, of course we are from a small white, slowly growing to understand a lot, though not say what master, but also known as the old driver, naturally understand this industry what is the nature of the read more